a complete publishing system


SBAM is an online, client/server application to manage the editing, shopping and printing processes for books and eventually stickers.

SBAM is composed by a multithread rendering server to generate all PDFs of customers publications, and by a simple but powerful publishing web application, which is desktop and smartphone friendly, no Flash™ or other plugins required, just pure html5.

SBAM lets you create books in a fully automatic way: just select some photos from your device o from a social network, and our algorithms will analyze them and will generate the best fitting page layouts for your publication.

For expert users, SBAM also offers powerful editing tools, that lets you manually add or modify text and images in your pages, as in a normal desktop publishing application.


see the web gui of the application in action:


some of the features implemented in SBAM:

  • Frontend
  • The web application is designed to run on PCs as well as on smartphones and tablets. When available, the app leverages touch capabilities of the device, otherwise it also perfectly fit in 4K modern displays.

  • Backend
  • The rendering server is multithreaded to leverage all available CPUs while responding to user requests and rendering PDF files for print. The server also does all the crunching to generate page layouts based on user uploaded photos. Finally the server manage user repositories, orders, and payments.


This is just a demonstrative website, and it's not meant to precisely enumerate features of our software or lists of our services. If you are interested in our products or services, or if you just want more technical or commercial informations about them, please feel free to contact us: we'll appreciate your feedback and we'll be glad to answer your questions.